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Thread: Small cut on areola will not heal! Help!

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    As far as latch, I think the only thing to do at that age is concentrate on nursing in positions that encourage the best latch on the part of your child. So if side lying tends to involve scraping, but nursing on the couch does not, you try to nurse on the couch for a while. That sort of retrains your baby to latch better, by refusing to nurse with a bad latch. You can also model an open mouth for your child.

    Often crappy latch at this age is aggravated by teething. Joe gets a kind of "grinding" latch when he's teething, that is SERIOUSLY unpleasant, but usually temporary, thank goodness!

    Have you tried some polysporin on the cut? It's safe for nursing (you don't have to wipe it off) and may help that cut finally heal.

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    I am with you there. I've noticed that sometimes one of those Montgomery glands gets (stuck?) wedged between the teeth possibly. If I catch it right away and have LO relatch it seems to help sometimes.
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