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Thread: Swollen Lymph Nodes/Pumpin Zero

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    Unhappy Swollen Lymph Nodes/Pumpin Zero

    I am a stay at home mom with a 15 week old boy. He was CS - 3 wks early and in NICU for week for immature lungs and digestive system. Lungs are great now but he has Acid Reflux and takes Zantac 3x a day. I pump and breast feed due to his early latch on issues and the hectic schedule with 7 YR old and 14 YR old. I have taken Fenugreek since 10 weeks due to low supply.(which was not an issue before). Normally I get 4-5 oz per pump every 4 hours, but its has been decreasing. Started breastfeeding more hoping that would build back up. Now for the question::::: I pumped this morning 8am, 4oz. Went to pump at 1pm - NOTHING AT ALL, tried warm compress, warm shower, massage then tried at 4pm-NoTHING! Ran some errands, ate dinner pumped at 9pm was able to get 7 oz. All the while noticing swollen knots under both arm pits. I woke up to feed at 2am, he fed for 10 mins, normal for him and went back to sleep. I stayed up to pump....... NOTHING. When I say NOTHING I mean two drops max. I have a medela symphony pump all parts are working correctly, even tried interchanging with new parts. I am so sorry to ramble but I have looked at other posts and thought if I explained some details it would help. But my knots under the arms are so sore and my breasts are aching from the massaging. Anyone have this issue. GOD BLESS.

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    Ouch mama, that must be very uncomfortable! What you describe probably isn't swollen lymph nodes, but rather some extremely bad plugged ducts. I know you're probably saying "wrong, they are in my armpits!" but there is actually breast tissue all the way back in there. It's called the Tail of Spence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tail_of_Spence. This link gives tips on treating plugs: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/mastitis.html. The most important thing you can do is to empty the breast as often and as thoroughly as possible. The baby is often the best way to get this job done, but if he isn't a great nurser yet you have to use the pump. It's also really important to stay alert for signs of mastitis- so if you feel feverish, get flu-like symptoms (aches, pain, chills, malaise), or see red streaks or patches on the surface of the breast, it's time to get to the doctor.

    On to pumping: getting 4-5 oz every 4 hours is very good yield. However for most moms, pumping every 4 hours will not be enough to maintain that sort of supply, since most women's bodies will read a 4 hour milk removal frequency as low demand and therefore decrease supply. I suggest moving your pumping schedule to every 2-3 hours, at least, and also nursing more. Babies typically do a better job of emptying the breast and maintaining supply than even the best pump, and I would actually suggest nursing exclusively as the best possible way to ensure breastfeeding success.
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