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    Question cup feeding a toddler

    Hi ladies,
    My DS is almost a year old. I can't even believe we're still nursing. I wanted to know from you veteran moms...when & how do I offer a cup? He takes a bottle when I work. But I work only two nights a week. So he's getting 2 bottles during the night. Doesn't seem right to put BM in a cup for him then. He's still breatfeeding morning, night, snacktime & before meals. Is he supposed to get cow's milk in a cup? That doesn't sound right. Should he just get water? Is my milk supply enough daily fluid intake for him? Sorry about all the questions. Just want to know what my day should look like.
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    It sounds like your DS is getting enough liquids that you don't have to worry, but I would be offering a cup now just as training. My solution was to offer water most of the time, with watered-down juice given once a day. We started by offering a sippy cup without the stopper in, offered only at mealtimes. Once baby understood that liquid came out of this thing, we put the stopper in. And once she got the hang of that, I kept a cup of water available all the time.

    As much as your DS is nursing, he certainly doesn't need milk. Milk is given as the next step from formula; the fat and other nutrients in it are good for brain development and other needs. But you're not on that track; your breastmilk is better than cow's milk for all that!

    (That said, we do now give milk to our 19mo once per day: it's chocolate milk, with about half the flavoring that the package recommends. LO's still erratic about eating solids sometimes, and this is my way of making sure she gets some protein that's not from me; the protein seems to cut down on the nursing demands a bit!)

    Good luck, Mama; you're doing great!
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    Default Re: cup feeding a toddler

    I would usually offer some water with their meal.
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    ok to start with a cup, can practice at mealtimes so cleanup is less of a big deal. i offer water with meals in a small cup for her. water with meals also helps with constipation.

    you don't need to do cows milk if you're still bfing at least 3-4 times a day. we don't do cows milk yet either and just like the pp said, its not better than your milk, not by a long shot.
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