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Thread: Sleeping between feedings?

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    Default Sleeping between feedings?

    My baby has turned 3 months old as of yesterday. My problem has been i was switched on birth control and my milk is kinda coming back in but it seems to be taking awhile. I haven't been able to pump any off cause she is eating it as soon as i get it. I was able to get 10 oz again pumped off but she hit a growth spurt and we needed to use it.

    My question is, how long should she sleep between feedings? I'm very nervous cause she is eating when i get full, and then she will go to sleep and sleep for 6 to 7 hours. I don't know if she should be sleeping that long. She is also starting to stay awake and play more and not want to eat as much.

    It also seems like she is teething. She wants to suck on her hand a lot, and doesn't want to latch very much. She will just bury her face in my breast and then turn away. She doesn't seem to be as interested.

    I maybe making more out of this than there is but i'm just concerned since i lost a lot of my milk.

    Please help, thank you.

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    Default Re: Sleeping between feedings?

    Hi mama, how is your nappy count going? How many wet/soiled nappies does your DD make per day? That will help a lot to know if she is getting enough. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/enoughmilk-older.html
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    Ouch! Is it thrush or Raynaud's phenomenon?

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