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Thread: Teeth??

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    Default Teeth??

    My son is 3 month (14weeks this Sunday) and lately he seems to want to pacify using me. I am ok with this and actually enjoy it for the most part. He also seems to be clamping down on me a lot more. Should I not allow him to use me to pacify? I don't want him to think I am his teething toy

    After a good feeding he also instantly shoves his fists into his mouth and gnaws so hard on his fist..they are red when he is done. He drools and drools all the time and when I look in his mouth I see white spots where the bottom teeth will be. Could he be teething?


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    Definitely sounds like teething. DS was an early starter as well (teething by 2 months, teeth by 4 months, and 6 teeth with 2 more on the way now @ 9 months). I used to let him nurse as he needed to, but discouraged the clamping - I'd interrupt the feed by giving a yelp or "detatching" him, as at 3 months it's hard for them to understand what they're doing in that regard. It often was quite innocent, as it was more likely to happen if he was sleepy / falling asleep. That being said, admittedly, when he was at his gnawiest (and at times all of the analgesics in the world didn't seem to help), I would sometimes skip a feed or two, and pump/bottle feed him (though on occasion it was bad enough that he wouldn't even take the bottle and miss a feed), as the alternative was just too painful to me, and too jarring for him (I think).

    While with 3, you are much more experienced than I, I did find that a cool washcloth beforehand, or a small toy that was easy enough for his little, uncoordinated hands to get to mouth ('Sophie' was great) worked wonders. At other times, only hands would do (mine were a favourite, but his were handy, pardon the pun ). I never did use any numbing gel, etc., due to recommendations otherwise (especially for EBF babes).

    Good luck!

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