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Thread: food size for BLS

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    Default food size for BLS

    hi llladies!

    my son is almost 7 months. we have been doing BLS. he is definitely improving quickly. i am just wondering what i should be doing with the size of food i give him.

    seems like larger pieces are working better but i get nervous that i should make them smaller. if i make them smaller though he struggles with picking up and gets very frustrated fast.

    any advice?
    thank you!

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    Default Re: food size for BLS

    I give big chunks. Small pieces scare me more, as I worry the baby will choke on those! So Gav gets whole crackers, that sort of thing.
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    Default Re: food size for BLS

    I aim for what he is able to hold reasonably easily. He tends to grab and mush to his mouth, so he needs a size that is appropriate to not get lost in his mouth. Some things, like Cheerios, naturally come smaller than that.

    On a side note, I was very confused by a description in a BLS site that said that food should be the size of a "chip" and then talked about it having a handle. It all became clear when I realized it was a British site--I substituted "French fry" and it made perfect sense.
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    Default Re: food size for BLS

    ahhhh chips = fries , yes that makes more sense now

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