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    My baby is 5 weeks almost 6. She has been bottle fed with pumped milk and formula since birth. I want to swith to breastfeeding exclusively but she refuses , she rejects my nipple, starts cryng and falls asleep. I would really like some advice , this is so frustrating

    Everyone tells me I should dramatically quit bottle feeding and just start breasfeeding her, that she will eventually eat something.
    She's a big eater, she eats almost 5 ounces per feeding. I'm giving her only 3 ounces and then I take her to the breasts but she doesn't like it at all

    Don't know what to do

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    Welcome, Mama! I agree that "dramatically" quitting bottle-feeding is unlikely to work. I have always read that when you want to switch over to nursing, the goal should be to coax the baby back to the breast. This link covers all the ways I know of to Get a baby to the breast: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html

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    Can you get in somewhere to see a lactation consultant? I got a LOT of support that way, and was able to do pre and post feed weights to see how much milk DD was transferring. Also, I went to a few LLL meetings and got additional support, and even had a LLL leader come to my house!
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