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Thread: Green spinachy diapers and diaper rash

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    Question Green spinachy diapers and diaper rash

    Yellow diapers are a thing of the past...Now every diaper is green and spinachy. That or I've noticed now it almost looks greenish blue. Not a hint of yellow anymore, and it's been this way for at least three weeks (LO is almost 12 weeks old now). In the last week she's developed a nasty diaper rash, which I've been treating. I haven't changed my diet, nor any of my medications. I've also noticed that no matter how long she's eaten for, I no longer see the thick white hind milk spill out at the end of her feeding. Any suggestions?
    Read below for background on things I've already done to help with bf problems:

    My LO has been on top of bf since she was born . Sadly, I feel like I've always been one step behind her . First I had a terrible oversupply issue, then overactive letdown. After weeks of block nursing, most of our bf problems were ironed out. Yellow seedy diapers returned, the choking and fussing that came with our nursing sessions lessened, but now I'm have a new problem.

    At about 8 weeks, my breasts changed (normal from what I read and hear from other bf moms). They aren't super hard when it's time to nurse, the supply and demand seems to be right on target, but sadly this has introduced a new problem. Green diapers and diaper rash
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    Default Re: Green spinachy diapers and diaper ra

    I also used to take notice of the color of my baby's poop. I freaked the first time her diaper was glow in the dark green!
    Then I went to a LLL meeting where other moms were laughing about the rainbow of colors they've seen in their otherwise growing and thriving babies. So I learned that normal covers a wide range of variables.
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    Default Re: Green spinachy diapers and diaper ra

    might just be that you don't really have the OALD and OS under control quite yet.....
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    Default Re: Green spinachy diapers and diaper ra

    Someone else posted on here, but if you use Gripe Water during the day and night it can cause green diapers.... we noticed that with our LO. We cut out the gripe water for 3 days and we went from green to yellow. But now he is 12 weeks old and we are volleying between yellow and green diapers now. I would not worry too much. It is normal. And diaper rash follows with all these runny diapers. Right now when our LO poops his diapers (he does not have nearly as many now) he totaly blows out of his diaper and up the back............ ***sigh*** it gets better

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