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Thread: Breastfeeding and Thyroid issues

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    Hello -

    I am due in November with our first baby, and I want desperately to breastfeed, however, I know that thyroid issues can impact milk supply, etc. I had my thyroid removed in 2004 due to Cancer and have been on hormone replacement since then, with good results - normal levels, etc. We have been monitoring my thyroid throughout the pregnancy and it too has been normal. I am just wondering if there is any information out there about thyroid and breastfeeding that I should know, to increase my chances of being able to successfully breastfeed my baby. I know many women are on thyroid hormone replacement and it probably doesn't have an impact, but I am wondering if my situation poses a new set of problems. A friend of mine had a similar experience and never did have any supply after giving birth. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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    First, Congrats on the baby!
    I am not sure this is helpful, and probably someone else will chime in soon. Just wanted to say while I still have my thyroid its very underactive so I take synthroid to replace the hormone. I had it before pregnancy, so we monitored throughout and afterwards. To my knowledge it had/has no impact on my supply or breastfeeding whatsoever, in fact I had oversupply at one point. Also, taking the hormone does not impact baby through the breastmilk. Hope you get answers from someone with a more similar situation!
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    Thanks so much - that is actually very comforting

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    Thyroid function can definitely impact breastfeeding, which is one reason why women should be watchful of thyroid function after birth. You're already watchful, so I don't think you're likely to have a problem: thyroid issues generally impact breastfeeding when mom doesn't realize she has a problem, and isn't being properly monitored or medicated.

    Since this is your first baby, I suggest taking a trip on down to the Pregnancy and Birth Options sub forum! Lists of great information, and a great place to ask questions that aren't strictly about breastfeeding, or even ones that aren't about breastfeeding at all.

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    Thank you - I will be sure to check out that forum as well.

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    Not 100% relevant, but I found out I had a thyroid problem after my first child (goiter and nodules). That was probably contributing to my low supply. I have been on synthroid for over a year now and was able to breastfeed twins. I believe that controlling my thryoid problem has helped me breastfeed (had supply issues with my first, but able to produce enough milk for twins for almost a month and then began supplementing). And like previous posters-synthroid is extremely safe while breastfeeding.

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    I have had an under active thyriod for years. I've been on replacement meds since before my first daughter. I've never had any supply issues. I nursed one daughter for 2.5+ yrs and am at 1 yr with the second. I would recommend working with your doctor to keeping a really close eye on your levels. My nurse practioner checked my levels right after birth, at one month and again at 2 or 3 months. I did have to have my meds tweaked while I was pg and again after birth.
    Have you had your levels checked during your pregnancy? Any major changes? I would think that as long as you're aware of the issue and keep a really close eye on your levels for the first few months, you may be fine!

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