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Thread: How do you replace nursing sessions?

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    Default How do you replace nursing sessions?

    DD is almost 11 months old so I am trying to prepare myself for how weaning works. She is down to nursing only 3-4 times a day, and I am very ready to be done nursing so we will start cutting back at 12 months. My question is, do babies need to drink a significant amount of milk once weaned, or can they get their nutrients from solid food? She is a very good eater at this point, and eats pretty much anything we do. Right now she has 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday, plus 2 long nursing sessions and 1 or 2 quick ones. Am I supposed to give her a big cup of milk in the morning once we replace that nursing session, or is breakfast enough? I got a lot of conflicting information when I googled this, so looking for some more info. Thanks!

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    She doesn't necessarily need to drink cow's milk after weaning. She does need sources of protein, fat, calories, etc. You could try her on solid foods that are high in calcium like yogurt, cheese, kale, tahini, apricots, tofu, kidney beans... There are lots!
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    I think milk is suggested because it is kind of an all-in-one - has the fat, calories, calcium, etc., so it's easier to just give milk. Lots of kids don't have milk though, but you do have to make sure that she gets the required fats/calories/nutrients from other foods Great suggestions by LLLKaren

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    dr sears has some great info about cows milk and switching on his web site.

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