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Thread: teeth whitening & breastfeeding??

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    Default teeth whitening & breastfeeding??

    I want to get Zoom teeth whitening done by my dentist. I am currently breastfeeding my 7 month old. Is this safe??

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    Default Re: teeth whitening & breastfeeding??

    Ask your dentist? If they are not sure, see if the office can contact the Zoom manufacture for you. I'm not sure if enough research has been done on whitening and breastfeeding. I work for an orthodontist and we had a Crest rep selling us the white strips and that was one of my questions for her. She didn't have an answer for me. However, I don't know much about Zoom.

    I did look on the internet and found this "If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not use whitening products that contain bleach."
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    Default Re: teeth whitening & breastfeeding??

    Take a look at this - this may help you
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    Default Re: teeth whitening & breastfeeding??

    I worked for a dentist before Haley was born, so I think I can answer this with some confidence. It is not recommended to use strong whitening products while pregnant or nursing. You absorb things through your teeth (fluoride and the products in whiteners, as well as other stuff), and it is possible for some amount to be passed to baby. There is controversy over whether tooth whiteners are really that harmful, but the manufacturers' labels warn against it. I'd say rather to be safe than sorry. (I was told, though, that a whitening toothpaste is ok because it is not the same strength as the whiteners. Keep in mind that these toothpastes are more abrasive, though.) HTH!
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    Default Re: teeth whitening & breastfeeding??

    It is safe.

    From Kelly Mom and Hale (who is THE GUY on medical information and breastfeeding) : Teeth whiteners are carbamide peroxide, which is just a stabilized formulation of hydrogen peroxide. When it touches tissue, it releases pure hydrogen peroxide almost immediately. Its transfer to the plasma is minimal, if at all. According to Thomas Hale, PhD (in Medications and Mothers' Milk), "it would be all but impossible for any to reach breastmilk except under extreme overdose." Even if absorbed, it would be metabolized in seconds.

    I think (know) doctors say, "This isn't safe" because there isn't information readily available. So to cover their butts, they just say to avoid things, when in many cases, it isn't necessary.

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