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Thread: Plugged duct, oversupply, reflux, HELP!!

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    Exclamation Plugged duct, oversupply, reflux, HELP!!

    I'm pretty sure I have a plugged duct. I read about the standard ways to treat it, but we have a couple of complicating factors and I really need some help!

    The duct itself is a very sore place deep in my breast. It's localized, but I can't actually feel a lump. I can't think of anything else it could be, though. I haven't had any injury to the breast, and have been wearing a sleep bra that doesn't put pressure on them.

    My baby is 10 weeks old. He's been struggling with reflux that has been getting progressively worse. He's had a hard time feeding lately - he's eating more often than usual, but is having trouble staying latched and seems to be comfort nursing a lot. He's growing just great though. 14 pounds and 24 inches at his last check. :-)

    Lastly, I've had an oversupply and an overactive letdown since he was born. My supply seems to have regulated, and Caleb is getting much better at handling the OALD. However, both seem to have flared up in the last couple of days. I think he hasn't been emptying the breast, and the OALD is aggravating his reflux. I pump as rarely as possible and only enough for the feeding I'm going to miss. But this morning, I pumped the painful breast to empty and got 10 ounces. I've never gotten that much before.

    Soooo...what would be the best strategy to handle this? Should I pump the affected side since he's not emptying it, to get as much out as possible? Should I only feed him from the affected side? (We usually do one side per feeding.). If so, what should I do about the other breast to keep it from getting engorged? I don't want to make the oversupply worse.

    I'm sorry this is so long! I wanted to give as much info as possible. If you read all this, thank you! And thanks in advance for any advice!

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    I also have bad OS, babies with reflux and get plugged ducts. I used to use heat, massage and nurse the affected side more than the other, sort of a modified block feeding, which reduces the OS and accompanying OALD. Try to not pump, as even though you need to clear the plug, you'll worsen the OS (and probably set yourself up for future plugs), and a baby is better at clearing the duct than a pump. Try different positions...many moms have good results with dangle feeding to get the deep plugs.

    It probably won't feel better right away. I usually notice soreness for several days.

    Try wool nursing pads and Happy Ducts, a tincture from WishGarden.
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