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Thread: Disapproving Mother-in-law & Family

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    Good feedback ladies! Thanks for the new perspectives It is much appreciated & from now on I am going to just lay it out on the line for the MIL & if my hubby doesn't like it- oh well! Haha Thanks again!

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    I totally know what your going through! My MIL has been against my BF'ing the whole time. At 2-3 months, she pushed rice cerial. It got to the point where she started going on and on about her being too skinney and started calling her 'skinney-mini'. Telling her that the Dr was fine with weight gain, ect did no good. At 6 months she started suggesting weaning. She even made comments to me about how 'wierd and sick' it was for moms to BF after a year. I heard comments and jibes. DH and I discussed BF together and with our Dr, also gave him info. For DH, all he needed to hear is 'this is what's best for the baby'. I just ignored (and still ignore) MIL completely. I told DH he needed to talk to her and get her to stop making little digs or she and I were going to have it out. I just tell her "I understand that you think that" when she brings things up.
    Not sure what to say besides to suggest discussing it with DH and reminding him that it's a decision for the two of you, then just ignore her from there out. If she's anything like my MIL, it's a waste of time to engage at all! I feel your pain!

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