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Thread: Problems with gas.

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    Question Problems with gas.

    My husband and I have been having problems with trying to help our almost 2 week old get rid of gas. She gets very fussy and wants the breast to soothe herself, which then affects my supply because she eats then and there's not enough stored up to fill her at a normal feeding. We just got Mylicon and have tried it twice so far with no success. We try patting and rubbing her back which seems to get rid of some, but she's fussy. We don't use a pacifier because we don't want to interfere with breastfeeding, and we haven't supplemented with anything.

    Any tips?

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    Default Re: Problems with gas.

    dr sears has alot of great ideas for fussy babies on his web site.

    heres a good lll link

    a new baby is a big adjustment, 1st babies even more so, its going to take some time to get to know baby and what makes her happy.
    one of the things that realy worked for our family was taking the baby to bed and just resting. I think sometimes they fuss just because they have a big need to just be with mom. Some kangrooo care and they are fealing beter.
    Its so easy to try and do to much in the 1st few weeks with a new baby.

    good luck! and welcome to you and your new baby!

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