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    Default doesn't like solids

    DS has been eating solids for 3 weeks now and he doesn't seem all that interested. Some days he eats a good amount and sometimes he has a couple spoonfuls and then refuses any more. Could it be that I waited so long to give him solids? Will he get better at eating them? What if he still isn't liking solids by a year? I keep joking with DH that I won't be able to start the long process of weaning because DS won't give up the breasts, but maybe that is true.
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    Your LO is only 8 months. It's just about discovery at this point. Both of my girls were slow to start solids. They were happy nursing. Not to worry - they ramp up their solids as they are ready. With DD2, she didn't really start eating solids until after 11 months old! However now at almost 14 months, she eats like a champ. They're all individuals.
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    What are you feeding him? DS1 would not eat traditional baby food at all. Our pediatrician said that she saw that in BFed babies, especially in her patients of middle Eastern or Indian descent, probably because the BM itself was not completely bland. We gave him what we ate, on his tray so he could self feed, and he ate tons.
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    Until your baby is around a year old, breastmilk alone meets all his nutritional needs, and solids are just for fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. After a the first birthday, solids become an increasingly important aspect of your child's diet, but they may not make up the majority of his diet until well into the second year.

    A lot of moms expect that their babies will immediately start eating large amounts of solid foods, and eating them consistently. Nothing could be farther from the case: many babies start very slow with solids, consuming just a few tastes per day. Some days they will eat a lot, other days they will eat almost nothing. Just keep putting healthy choices in front of your child, and allow him to experience them. If he eats some, great. If he tastes some and spits it out, great. If he won't open his mouth and prefers to squish the solids with his hands, still great.

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    My now 9-month-old DD would not eat baby food at all, gagged every time. I happened to give her a noddle about two weeks ago and she devoured it...literally! We've been giving her "people" food since and she eats like a champ!

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    At this point it's all just practice. Don't worry at all Mama. Just try some more varieties.
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