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    Hi. I have a 4-week old son. I have been breastfeeding him right from the start after reading up a lot about it through pregnancy. My son shows all the textbook signs of being 'dissatisfied' at the breast. First, he never leaves the breast on his own. Mostly he falls asleep at it after 30-40 mins or so, after which I remove the nipple. Sometimes he wakes up after I remove it and keeps wanting more. If he remains asleep, I assume he has had his fill. So it is me who technically always ends thThe feeding sessions as a result go on for 1-1.5 hours, and he feels hungry again after 2-3 hours. The lactation consultant and doctor both told me that i should ignore all these things and look only at the urine output and weight gain. His urine output is good, and he passes bright yellow stools (at least 4-5 hearty ones) per day, and a big / small one almost after every feed. His weight gain has also been good - gaining 250 grams in the second week and 300 grams each in the third and fourth weeks. So my question is, why does he fuss so much at the feeds? Is he getting enough only because I let him go on for 1.5 hours? What should I do, as it is quite tiring to sit for 1.5 hours every 2 hours! Also this week he developed an oral thrush infection which I was afraid was because of the result of sucking at the nipple for such long hours daily. I would really appreciate your help / suggestions.

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    Oral thrush can definitely cause fussiness at the breast. Everything you're describing, with the exception of the thrush (which is not from the duration of feeding, never fear!), actually sounds perfectly normal to me. It sounds like your baby is getting plenty of breastmilk. He may just have a higher need for suckling than some. My son had a very high suckling need, and in his entire 3.5 years of nursing has NEVER ever ended a single feed on his own. Not once. He would be happy to have something in his mouth all the time. I ended up giving him pacifiers when he was a few weeks old. The time between your son's feeds sounds great, too. Breastmilk digests within about 90 minutes, so feeding every couple of hours is very common.

    ETA: I offered a pacifier only after my son was done actively nursing, once he started "pacifying" at my breast.

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    My 7 month old won't detach still unless he is distracted by something. I did use a pacifier sometimes when he was clearly just comfort sucking. Trust the diapers to tell you whether your LO is getting what he needs and it sounds like the diapers are telling you that things are good.
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    Sometimes infants suck excessively when they have gas from a food sensitivity or he may just be seeking extra comfort. Have you introduced something in your diet that could be causing a sensitivity such as dairy or spices? When my daughter has gas I have noticed that her need to nurse is increased and she is less satisfied. I had to eliminate most dairy in my diet when she was younger to help with her minor gas issue. Hope this helps!

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    Sometimes, this is normal. May not be what you want to hear, but it's totally normal for babies to nurse all the time. It's a survival instinct, and it boosts your supply.
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