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Thread: Can't Pump

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    I pumped for a year with the first and almost a year with this one. I'd say that 2.5-3 oz on average total is about what I have alway s done as well. I'd say that your production is somewhat normal (or at least close to what I have been getting). I can usually get 12 oz a day in 4 sessions. I pump when I wake up (at 5), nurse at 6:30 before leaving, then pump at 9, 12 and 3. I also pump first thing in the am on the weekends to build up a bit of a stash for those days/sessions I can only get 1.5-2 oz!

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    I have two lets downs. For some reason I have a let down while I am putting my pump together. I press the let down button a few times while pumping, but I only get one more. The second let down comes after the flow has stopped for awhile. I usually pump for about 30 min.

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    The letdown is simply a response to your actions. Your body knows you are about to pump, so it lets down.

    Honestly, the amount you are pumping is really normal. You can also eat some oatmeal to boost your supply a little bit more. Also, try pumping for 5 minutes past the point where you haven't gotten any more milk out, as that tells your body you have more demand for milk, and it can help increase your supply. Then, on weekends, try pumping for a few minutes after you have nursed the baby, again, to tell your body to increase milk production (or come Monday, your supply may reset itself to what your baby needed during the weekend, and you'll have trouble again.)

    Don't forget to use breast compressions, as that will help fully empty your breasts.

    Try pumping every 2 hours.

    The problem with all of this...you need extra milk NOW. But because a pump is so much less efficient than a baby, it can take a week or more to really see the effect of what you are doing. That's frustrating, so many moms give up. Just hang in there and don't give up too soon.

    I myself often only have one letdown while pumping. Granted, I get 8 oz from that one letdown, but I'm EPing.

    You could try renting a hospital grade pump and see if that makes a difference for you. It sure does for me. And having the right size horns will help.
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    Excellent, Tremom! I'm glad to hear that things are picking up. That always makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it?

    If you notice another dip, yes - I'd say it'd still be worth your while to rent a hospital-grade. The PISs are really nice, but those hospital-grade pumps just don't play around!
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    I ordered smallers horns. I should be getting them today. I hope that works. If not, then I will try a hospital grade pump. Heck, I might try it any way.

    Thanks everyone

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