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Thread: Intro to Bottle Issues

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    Hi There, my little guy is almost 2 months now and has been exclusively breastfeed. I'm returning to work just a few hours a day and he is here with daddy and a bottle of pumped milk. I've ordered new nipples for the bottle hoping this will help with our issue. But he fusses and cries a majority of the time I am gone. As soon as I get home he quiets down. Then I put him to the breast and he smiles and is perfectly fine. Sometimes he doesn't even nurse right away but snuggles with the breast and just hangs out. Nursing is such a great comfort for us both but is there anything we can do to help him be comforted by daddy? It seems he has a hard time with this. We have even tried to wrap up the baby in my clothes so that he has my smell. But nothing seems to work and he refuses the bottle.
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    You've got yourself one really savvy infant!
    My sister had the same problem and here is what she did.
    she left it up to her day care provider, who was a warm and loving person, to navigate the best way to nurture her baby.
    The DCP bought nuk nipples for infants and with gentle soothing words and humming her baby took the bottle.
    my sister was at work, not in the room hovering over the DCP .
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    How long are you leaving him for? Will he suck at the bottle at all or does he just refuse it totally? Will he quiet down if Daddy snuggles with him and holds him? It can be hard for some LO's to adjust to a bottle and I can imagine it is frustrating for your DH. One idea would be to try a sippy cup. And maybe if daddy holds his in a sling or front carrier he'll settle down quicker? Sometimes the deep daddy voice can be soothing as well! Some of it is probably also just an adjustment time!

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    Here is an idea I don not know if it will work or not . But what if your huuby wears a shirt of yours that has your smell on ot or you pajama top (if it's possible) or wrap or tuck your shirt around yourr LO. So your smell is there............maybe tht might help? Just tssing out ideas LOL

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    I almost hate to tell you this, but my DD would cry when I left until she was about 11 months. I only work intermittently, though, so it's a little different situation. esthervegan is right- you have a smart baby who knows that being with mom is best. It's biology. My DH would try wrapping DD in a moby wrap and wearing her to soothe her. You could also have your husband try giving baby a bath or going for a walk or a drive, something to provide a change of scenery and some movement.

    It's not quite clear from your post, is your LO not taking the bottle? Certainly trying different types of nipples is a good place to start. My DD refused the bottle totally for several months and DH fed her EBM with a spoon when I was gone. And if you are only gone for a couple hours at a time, I don't think it will be a great problem if your son doesn't eat much while you're away. Some babies this age are sleeping through the night (and not eating during that time), so it is possible to go that long without nursing as long as you offer the breast freely while you are together.

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