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Thread: Decreased milk after having mastitis

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    Default Decreased milk after having mastitis

    I really need advise/help. I had mastitis about 2weeks ago. I pump breastmilk for my newborn and feed it to him from a bottle, and before having mastitis I was getting 8 to 9 oz. easily each time I pumped. Since the mastitis I only get 3, maybe 4 ounces if I am lucky. I had a bunch of frozen milk stored and have been using that, but am now almost out and I am really panicing about being able to feed my son. Is there anything I can do/take/try? PLEASE help!!!!!

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    Welcome! I'm sorry about the mastitis. That stinks.

    Mastitis often strikes when a mom is overproducing milk, or allowing large amounts of milk to sit in the breast for a long time. when you were pumping 8-9 oz each time you pumped, you were doing one of those 2 things. So, how often were you pumping? 3-4 oz per pump session is a much more normal amount to be pumping at a single time. If you are pumping that amount around 8 times per day, you should have enough milk. How much milk is your baby taking in a 24 hour period?

    If you aren't getting enough milk to fill your baby's needs, the best things you can do are:
    - Nurse, if possible. Babies tend to be better at removing milk from the breast and maintaining a milk supply than pumps are.
    - Pump more frequently, and for longer time periods. The more often and more thoroughly you empty the breast, the more milk you will produce.
    - Use the best pump possible. For exclusively pumping moms, a hospital grade rental pump is probably the best option.
    - Make sure you are using the correct size of breast shields to ensure maximum stimulation and milk removal.
    - See a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC.
    - Try herbal galactogogues like fenugreek and blessed thistle, and as a last resort, preacription galactogogues like Reglan and Domperidone. (Discuss the use of all herbs and drugs with your midwife or physician).

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