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Thread: Hand Foot Mouth disease and breastfeedin

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    Default Hand Foot Mouth disease and breastfeedin

    I am a breastfeeding mom and just found out that my 7 1/2 month old was exposed to hand foot mouth virus yesterday. How will this affect his breastfeeding? Can it be passed on to me (and then back and forth)? I'm taking him to his pediatrician today to hopefully get on meds before the blisters and rash show up.
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    Default Re: Hand Foot Mouth disease and breastfe

    Okay, if your baby comes down with HFM, you may see the following:
    -poor appetite
    -painful sores developing inside the mouth
    -a rash on the hands, feet, and possibly on the buttocks or genitalia

    HFM can be passed on from the baby to you, or from you to the baby, but it cannot bounce back and forth indefiniitely since once you have had HFM you should develop lifelong immunity to that strain of HFM. If the baby comes down with HFM, and develops the mouth sores, it is possible that he will eat less or even actively resist nursing, but as long as you nurse on demand he should be able to get his nutritional needs met.

    I don't think you need to see the pediatrician unless your LO actually becomes sick- which may not happen at all and in any case would not happen for a while, since there's an incubation period for the virus of (IIRC) a couple of weeks. HFM is viral, so antibiotics will not help, and as far as I know antiviral meds are not prescribed for HFM.
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