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Sarale was she effective at not choking? at that age?
She never ever gagged or choked She was amazing. I had been taking back the food she stole from my plate until she was 6 months. Her first food was cantaloupe and she ate about 3/4 of what I put in front of her. She was always efficient at eating. IMO if you aren't comfortable with your DCP giving Sam food because of the gagging you don't need to. I didn't send anything with D (who was not an eater until over a year really) until he was about 8 months and then it was purees - which he also did not eat for them. They were certain he was interested in food because he was interested in the mechanics, but he did not want to actually eat any of it. One small jar lasted him a week. And still didn't get finished.

How many adults/children in your DC? Unless there are 2 adults in the room I might not be comfortable with a gaggy baby either.