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Thread: Stopping son from biting down?

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    Default Stopping son from biting down?

    I apologize if this is TMI...I want to be as descriptive as possible so I can get help
    My 11-week old son has pretty much been bottle-fed since birth, with maybe 10% of his feedings coming from breast feeding. For the past month he has had no nipple contact because of the problem I'm about to ask about. Because of him being bottle-fed the majority of his feedings, I feel like he's a 'lazy eater'. What I mean is, when I DO nurse him, I feel like he clamps down as hard as possible on my nipple, so much so that my nipples are cracked and bleeding after each feeding. We started trying to breast feed again just last night after a month-long absence, and after ONE 10-minute session, my nipples are cracked and bleeding today.
    Once he starts nursing, I feel like I have really long nipples. The cracked/bleeding part is around the part of my nipple, right where it meets my breast. Prior to stopping bf'ing a month ago, I would try and try to get him to open his mouth wide enough to avoid this, but try as I might (probably because of the bottle) I couldn't achieve this. Again last night I tried, and STILL can't get any other latch but JUST on to my nipple. When he starts to push down tightly it's excruciating. Because we are just starting to try BF'ing again, I don't want to make this unenjoyable for him, however, if this is going to work long term for the both of us, I am needing to STOP him biting down so hard!!! Any suggestions???

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    There are exercises you can do with your son to help his latch - I worked with a lactation consultant, and it was amazing - after 48 hours my son's latch improved dramatically. I'm the mom of b/b preemie twins who were given formula bottles in NICU, and it took a while to work back to the breast, but with a little help from a LC it all came together.

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