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Thread: Clipping Upper Lip Tie

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    We have had a very rough time BFing from the beginning. Slow weight gain, even dropping weight, latching issues, etc. We did craniosacral therapy and it helped a lot with her latch, but not 100%. When DD was about 6 weeks I noticed she had a tight upper lip tie. I talked to the LC and she said told me to talk to our Pedi. Our Pedi sait would not cause BFing issues, but gave me a referral to an ENT. The ENT said it would not cause issues and he had not clipped someone as young as DD (which is why he said it does not cause issues with BFing). He was really nice and said he would clip it, but not until DD was over 12 weeks. We have the surgery scheduled for Oct 6, when DD will be about 14 weeks old. He said it was so tight and large that he would not do it in the office and neither would the Pedi Dentist (I called the Pedi Dentist and he told me no). So, it I want it clipped, it will have to be done under general.

    BFing has been going well, but my right nipple is very sore and creased after each feeding. Having her go under general and being without nursing from midnight on makes me nervous. She is the first one to be done and ENT said I can nurse right after she wakes up. I am torn on what to do.

    Should I get it clipped now? Will it really solve the pain and creased nipple? Everyone I talk to just tells me to stop BFing, but I refuse to stop. We have worked way to hard to just quit.

    Has anyone had their little one go under general this young? Does getting her lip clipped really help?

    Two of my other children have it and they have huge gaps in their teeth and speech issues. They have an appt with the Pedi Dentist next month.


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    Hugs Momma, that's a tough decision. My DS was tongue and lip tied at birth, we had his tongue clipped at about 6 weeks which made a difference but I still had sore nipples. I wasn't brave enough to mention the lip tie until DS was much older and he ended up having it done at 1 year old. Sadly we didn't nurse more than a couple weeks after the procedure (we were already starting to wean because I'd had enough) so I can't tell you that it fixed all our nursing problems but it did fix the gap in his teeth and so far no speech problems. Long story short I think it's worth it even if it dosnt help your nursing issues.

    It was a very short procedure, less than 10 min we were in the waiting room and he was pretty much awake when we went back to see him. I think they kept us in recovery for an hour after just to be safe. You also may want to check with the anesthesiologist about how long you really have to go without nursing before, and make sure they are familiar with BFing. Breast milk is digested so quickly I can't imagine they would say more than 2-3 hours beforehand. Good Luck, let us know how things go.
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