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    DD has suprisingly started to wake once at night about 3:30am, with no assistance from me. She goed to bed about 8pm wakes at 3ish and i feed both breasts and she goes back to sleep until 8am. She was waking every 2-3 hours at night and sometimes every hour during the early morning hours. I dont now what happened but i love it.

    My question is will my supply suffer b/ of less feeds at night?

    Also, at times she is on her belly. As soon as I roll her over she rolls right back. She is a great roller from back to front but not from stomach to front. She can make it to her side but her arm gets in the way.She gets a lot of tummy time b/c she enjoys the position.
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    As long as you feed on demand, your baby's sleeping habits will not impact your overall supply. Your nighttime supply may decrease a bit, but your daytime supply will increase to make up the slack. Don't be surprised if either of 2 things happen:
    - your baby starts feeding more often during the day
    - your baby starts waking at night again- many babies go through a phase of sleeping through the night, but it's often just a phase!

    Once a baby can roll, you just have to accept that they are going to sleep in the position that suits them best. Also, once a baby has the body control to enable her to roll, the danger of tummy sleeping decreases a lot, since the baby now has the body control to mov herself out of an uncomfortble or dangerous sleeping situation.

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    my son had been sleeping from 730-3 for about one week, last night he was up at 1130. he nursed at that time and i had plenty to give him. your supply should be fine if she is to wake up again.

    my son also has a little trouble going from belly to back but does great back to belly. i have found him sleeping on his stomach a few times now. last week he once he woke up screaming because he needed help rolling back onto his back. no big deal, i went in, rolled him and back to sleep he went. she should let you know if she has a problem.

    good luck to you both to have her continuously sleeping for that big chunk in the night!
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