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Thread: plugged duct/enlarged nipple

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    Default plugged duct/enlarged nipple

    I woke up this morning to a painful left breast and noticed 2 small lumps. I have been nursing excusively on that breast today, using heating pads, pumping both sides, massaging, resting. I took a long bath and massaged followed by a hot shower, more massaging and then I pumped (my 5 week old son had just been fed a bottle of breast milk). After pumping I noticed that my left nipple was enlarged. The lumps are still there. I am not in as much pain but feeding/pumping is painful. What does the enlargement mean?

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    Default Re: plugged duct/enlarged nipple

    My guess is localized engorgement due to the plugged duct.
    Best way to fix it is to nurse often!
    What exactly do you mean by "enlarged"? Does it remain that way, or only seem larger right after pumping?
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    after pumping it was at least twice the size of the right nipple but it has gone down some since
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