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    My son is 2 months old and after his first 3 weeks his stools started to spread out dramatically. He has been breast fed exclusively and at his 1 month check up the doc said breastfed babies are fine even if they only poop every 3-5 days. So after 9 days of no stool I called the nurse and she said to give my son a glycerine suppository and if it comes out soft that he would have eventually pooped on his own. So it came out soft and yellow. So the next time I waited until 12 days and called the nurse again. They told me not to wait and to give him another suppository and start him on water and Karo daily. So that is what I've done. Now we're at day 11 again with no stools and he's been on water and Karo everyday for the past 11 days. I'm really concerned something could be wrong. Plus I'm getting mixed information about the safety of feeding a 2 month old so much water. He's drinking about 5oz per day of water.

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    I think that's probably too much water, and maybe not great advice. EBF babies can sometimes go a long time between poops, DS2 would sometimes go up to 2 weeks and that is totally normal. I know it doesn't seem normal, but as long as it is soft when it comes out it is not considered constipation and there is no need for suppositories, karo or water. I would just stop all that and let nature take its course.

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    What is his weight gain like? Wet ones?

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