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Thread: Few Questions about schedule and supply

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    Default Few Questions about schedule and supply

    Hi ladies!

    I pump at school for my son and was wondering about a couple things. First, I don't have a set schedule I can pump on due to the classes being at all different times throughout the week. Is this a bad thing? Would I produce more if I could pump at the same times every day?

    Secondly, I have the ability most days to pump every couple hours but I generally wait for three hours to pass before pumping. Would pumping every 2 hours (which is generally how much my son eats during the day) produce more milk or would I get the same amount in the end? I pump on the way to and from school for about 30 minutes each time, then generally once or twice while at school for about 15 minutes per session.

    My last question is about maintaining supply. I have a couple classes that are three hours long and so I don't get the chance to pump on that nice 3 hour interval. I have been using our ten minute break to manually express a couple ounces during these classes. Is this helping to maintain my supply like a pump would? I never get painfully engorged (large chest, lots of storage) but I am operating under the assumption that any milk removal is better than none for supply maintenance. Is this correct?

    TIA for any help!

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    Default Re: Few Questions about schedule and sup

    A set schedule might allow you to produce more, or it might not. The's no way to tell how you as an individual will respond to a given schedule/routine. But I think that getting the same number of sessions into the time period while you are away should be more important than getting the sessions at a consistent time.

    Generally, the more frequently you pump the more milk you will ultimately get. If you need more milk, definitely try spacing your pump sessions 2 hours apart rather than three, and give the new routine several days or a week for the increased stimulation to generate increased supply.

    Finally, yes, manually expressing those 2 oz definitely helps you maintain supply. As you rightly put it, any milk removal is better than none.

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    Default Re: Few Questions about schedule and sup

    Some moms need to pump every 2 hours, some don't and maintain the same supply. Also, unrestricted nursing when you are with your baby will help maintain your supply.
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