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Thread: Nightweaning Sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jeremijasmommy View Post
    Usually once when I come to bed, once maybe twice if I toss/turn and wake him up enough to want it and again at 4ish and when he wakes around 6. So around 3-4 times. It's not a burden, my main issue is frustration that I can't get comfortable if I wake up without having him nurse. We have a queen bed and there's just not enough room for the three of us. But rigt now the inconvenience doesn't outweigh the hell that is nightweaning. The screaming, the tears, the frustration and the no sleep for anyone. . I'll probably tackle that beast next spring, sooner if I go back to work.
    Is your bed elevated or on the floor? We moved our bed to the floor since we wouldn't need a king bed long term, and then we have a crib mattress next to the bed. We actually put a nice bed set on it with animals so that he would like it more and we place him in there when he falls asleep. We kind of did that to get him used to the idea of his "own" bed.

    Things actually went a lot better last night. DH said he woke up 3 times but he stayed in bed and he was able to get him to sleep without having to rock him in the chair. I hope tonight is better too. I actually got 7 undisturbed hours of sleep for the first time in 2 years. I could get used to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jennygal View Post
    I am dreading this myself. DS is a few days shy of 11 months, but I am 7.5 weeks pregnant. I have no intention of fully weaning him, but I need to start night weaning him. DH is going to take a week off of work and get up with him all night. It's going to kill me, I know....so huge hugs and good luck to you!
    Oh I missed this, sorry. I have 17 months between my two and I didn't have to do any weaning. My milk supply went down and DS gradually weaned himself. Night nursing was the last to go. He nursed through the night until about a month after my milk was gone (so until about 11 months). I personally would not go through the hell of night weaning (just to find out my kid still woke up just as often) if it was not absolutely necessary. So if you haven't already started think about my experience before trying it. It was another year and some before DS started sleeping in long stretches.
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