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Thread: I need help and advice on weaning pls

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    Hello. My daughter will be 2 yrs old in a few short weeks and seems to be regressing to the breast more and more. She was only nursing at night but seems to be wanting to nurse all the time. When I try to give her a sippy cup of milk instead she screams and cries, yells please and tries to get to my breasts by any means she can. Its very hard for me to go through as I dont know what to do or what the right thing is to do. She and I sleep in the same bed and have since she was born. She wakes up every few hours at night for a feed and it has become such a bad habit that Im trying to move her into a crib this week. I feel badly that I have created these problems but I dont have any friends or family to help me and havent had any other children so it was all new to me. Can someone tell me what to do? Its almost as if she uses the breast as a comfort measure, she never liked a soother or a bottle. I have tried a blanket, a stuffie a doll and there isnt anything that she can transistion to it seems. Do you think she isnt ready or is she having a temper tantrum and Im feeling too badly to stop her. I realize there isnt a manual on what to do and everyone child is different but I believe its time to wean now for both our sakes and to help with the night feedings especially.....IM EXHAUSTED! Please send me your comments, you wont hurt my feelings at all. Is there anywhere in nanaimo or ladysmith I can go to for a support group or help? THANK YOU!

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    Sounds like she is definitely not ready to wean. Is she getting her 2 Nd year molars? My kids ramp up the nursing when teeth come in.
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    Don't feel guilty. You haven't done anything wrong in fact it sounds like you've done everything right. I agree with Jenna it sounds like 2 year molars. My son did this too. It was a little hard for me because I was ready to start nursing less but once I just gave in and fed more on demand we both got more rest and were happier. Then when he was feeling better he slowed back down and started sleeping better at night. He still sleeps right next to me but now hardly ever nurses until early morning 6 or 7. Its ok for her to breastfeed for comfort its one of the quickest and most natural ways to soothe a child. I would suggest reading How Weaning Happens. It's great and probably in you LLL group's library or also Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. They both talk abot setting limits and how to know when your child is ready to wean.
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    It tends to ebb and flow. I would wait for it to ebb again before trying to start weaning, myself. There are times when children will nurse more frequently, because of developmental phases (clingy phases) or teething, or sometimes, because they are coming down with something and feeling under the weather. Then there are times when they are far more independent. It is definitely easier to set limits on nursing during the independent times! Joe was very clingy at two, but at two and four months, he's Mr. Independent. So, this too shall pass.

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    If you want to try a method for nightweaning you might read this article on night weaning by Dr. Jay Gordon. This is the method I used when my daughter was almost 2 and it worked really well for me. I know it's worked for a lot of the mamas around here. Of course if it is those molars causing her to ramp up nursing this may not work and you might consider holding off until they are in just to make things easier on the both of you. Don't feel guilty, this isn't happening because you've done something wrong.
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