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    I am a first time mom to DS who is almost 8 months. I am BF but he goes to DC one day a week where he does get formula (they throw out unused milk at end of day) and my mom's where he gets pumped milk. This BF thing has been a struggle since day 1. he was born 7lb 3oz. first he wanted to nurse literally 24 hours a day. at 3-4 months he was still nursing at least every 2 hours. at 4 months he weighed 14lbs 8oz. but by 6 mos he only weighed 15lb 5oz. the dr wasn't concerned- he's reaching all his milestones, looks and acts healthy. he is now almost 8 mos, weighs (on our scale at home) about 16-16.5 lbs. he nurses roughly every 4 hours (he could probably go 5 hours) and is sleeping through the night for the most part. while i am very happy for the break between feedings i am just worried that this isn't enough. it seems like he never wants to eat! i offer it to him all the time and he seems to want to nurse, but pulls off after 5-10 seconds. i have to really get him relaxed before he will nurse and even then it takes about 5-10 minutes to feel a let down. he poops about once a day, has 5(?) wet diapers and seems to be happy in between feedings. he is eating a little applesauce or some baby food at dinner, but i just don't feel like he is getting enough. he is happy and playful and everyone says not to worry, but i do and he isn't gaining a lot of weight. how often should an 8 month old be nursing? i love BF and i want to continue, but this is really hard. i feel like i spend more time worrying about this than i do enjoying my son! (i have met with an lc and talked to LLL leader on the phone- everyone says don't worry!)

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    He's heavier than my baby, who is the same age

    If he's making wet diapers, he's making poops, he's OK This age is really distractible, and it can be a challenge to get them to eat.
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    At this point they've gotten active and they want to explore their world more. It's all normal and no cause to worry, Mama. If he's still following BF growth charts there's absolutely nothing to concern yourself with. Just roll with the punches. You're doing great!
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    Momma, first thing... It can be really stressful trying to be sure that everything is perfect for your LO! And with nursing, you can't see how much he's getting so that can be even more stressful. You're doing a great job with your LO and doing a wonderful job giving him the best start you can!

    now, take a deep breath and try to relax!

    I would say that, as long as you're offering the breast to your LO and are letting him nurse when and for as long as he wants, your good! He's still gaining, not loosing and seems happy, so no worries. At this age, they're pretty good at getting that milk quickly. Maybe your just not feeling the let down as much now? Also, they are so distractable! Just keep letting him nurse when he wants to and know that it'll be OK. It sounds like your LO's getting good at getting that milk fast and getting back to what he's doing and your body's getting good at getting that milk to him! ANd he's going through a totally normal, distracted excitable phase.
    As far as how often a 8 month old should nurse, I don't know that there's really any shoulds. It totally depends on the kid. (I know, totally frustrating, isn't it )
    One suggestion would be just to let go and relax about it for a while, don't time things, don't watch the clock. Just let your LO do his own thing and trust his (and your) body to do what's right. It can be a hard thing, but sometimes that's just where it's at!

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    I agree with the other ladies. DD is 10.5 months old and she only weighs 17.5lbs now, up from 15.5 lbs at 6 months, so her growth has been pretty slow recently. She doesn't nurse as often (3-4 times a day and never at night) but she is hitting milestones, and she still has wet and dirty diapers so I am not worried. At her 9 month appt, where she weighed about what your baby weighs now, the ped told me not to worry and that growth slows down. I think you are doing a great job, don't let the numbers stress you out!

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