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Thread: Tracking feedings/diapers

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    Question Tracking feedings/diapers

    Hey everyone!

    Do you track your feed times and/or diaper output? If so, how long do you track them? It's something the hospital got us doing and since it's a good way to see how well the baby is eating I've kept doing it since, using an iPhone app that logs feed times and has a timer and an app that also marks diapers. My son is 5.5 weeks old and I'm wondering if I should keep logging them pretty rigorously.
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    Our hospital started us doing that too. I think I kept it up for maybe two weeks at the most. I'm not sure we will do it so religiously for the next one. IMHO it really isn't necessary as long as baby is gaining well and reaching milestones. As long as it's not taking up to much of your time or causing you to worry over slight variations in things I don't think it will hurt anything to keep at it. To me I had more important things to do.

    Just remember as baby gets older things will change. Your feeding time will probably decrease as baby gets more efficient at nursing and diaper frequency may go down as they can hold it longer.
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    Default Re: Tracking feedings/diapers

    Once the baby is nursing well and gaining weight well, I don't think you need to keep track unless you suspect a problem.

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    if you are feeding on demand there is no need to keep a strict log. I would count wet diapers though - and as long as you're getting 5-6 wet diapers in 24 hours then your baby is getting enough

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    My hospital started me doing that also. I stopped logging the diapers at about 2 weeks, and stopped keeping track of how long DS eats on each side at about 2months. I am still logging when he eats and what side he eats on though. It just makes it easier for me to remember what side to start on. It is also good for me when we go to the doctor's as they always ask how long he goes in between feedings. I just keep my homemade chart next to where we do most of our feedings and jot it down. Have been doing this for 4.5months now. (but I am a spaz)
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