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Thread: Nursing strike??

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    Question Nursing strike??

    Okay so I have no idea what's up and I feel like all my posts start like that. My son is 3 1/2 months old and has been great pretty much in the BF department. I started work 3 weeks ago and things have been a little rough with a new routine etc. He is now getting bottles at DC and BF every other time. He has started acting like he has no interest in BF. He used to use me as a pacifier as well as eating like normal.

    Well for about a week now he has really grown attached to sucking on his two fingers. He absolutely refuses to latch on any other time than when he is HUNGRY. I used caps because he won't even snack. At night he does fine and dream feeds about 4 times throughout the night. Today he has BF only 3 times and 10 min max each time (WAY LOW for him). He keeps sucking his darn fingers! He has had 3 wet diapers and 2 soiled ones today (it's currently 6:25pm). I'm concerned.

    Could he get used to his fingers and not want to breast feed? Could it be something else? He is acting fine otherwise not crying, oh wait yes he is crying when I try to offer the breast in ANY position. Unless he is starving it seems he doesn't want to eat or anyting like he used to. Makes me sad.
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    Default Re: Nursing strike??

    It doesn't *exactly* sound like a nursing strike to me. It sounds like he's developed bottle preference from getting bottles at daycare. First, make sure you are using a slow flow nipple and the DCP knows how to bottle-feed a breastfed baby.

    Also, I have had two friends that went through this, and for them, it did end and they successfully nursed for 2+ years. One friend's baby would actually refuse to nurse most of the day on weekends. This lasted several months but she made sure to never feed him a bottle herself or when she was home. He only had bottles while she wasat work. Also co-sleeping, and letting him reverse cycle a bit will help. He'll grow out of it mama, it's just a phase...

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    Default Re: Nursing strike??

    with the PP that this doesn't sound like a nursing strike so much as bottle preference or perhaps finger preference. I think her advice about how to feed him is spot-on- keep the bottles for daycare only, co-sleeping- those things will remind your baby that mama = breast and there's no point in trying to hold out for a bottle.

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