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Thread: 14 month old not nursing very much

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    Default 14 month old not nursing very much

    He nurses first thing in the morning, very briefly for his 10am nap, I offer in the afternoon but he is starting to push me away more and more and then one last time at bedtime. He eats great, whatever we are having, drinks cows milk or water and his weight is in the 95th percentile. His molars are in. He sleeps all night (8pm to around 7am) Is this just the natural progression of weaning? Should I offer more? Just drop the afternoon session unless he asks? I am reluctant to offer when he is not asking so because he often bites if he is not interested in nursing and that traumatic for both of us.
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    I wish someone had commented...I'm in the exact same situation as you. My son is 15 months and has the exact same nursing pattern. I have a slow let down and I wonder if he's even staying on long enough to really get a feeding. Hope someone enlightens us.

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    Default Re: 14 month old not nursing very much

    Aw, sorry this thread got overlooked for so long!

    At this age, I think what you do is up to you. If you want to offer more, go for it- more breastmilk is good for the baby, and producing more breastmilk is good for mama's health. If the baby is nipping, try to make sure nursing takes place before feeding solids (when baby is hungrier and more apt to focus on eating instead of playing around) and in a minimal distraction environment (less distraction = more focus = less biting).

    If you are comfortable with the path your LO's weaning is taking, then just let it be and enjoy the feedings he is still interested in. What you are seeing is weaning- but remember that weaning is a process that can take a very long time (years!) and have lots of reversals where the baby suddenly wants to nurse more or less often. Many babies will settle down to a small number of sessions and continue to enjoy those sessions for a good long time. My first nursed before bed only for about 6 months before she finally weaned.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm really kind of sad to have my baby wean himself, but I guess it's a natural step - I just didn't foresee it happening this soon. He does nurse 3-4 times a day, but I feel like I'm just not that full and I wonder if he's getting anything at all. Lately, while he nurses, he pops off every few minutes and signs "more" then reattaches. My let down is so slow and I can't really feel it anymore. I don't leak at night anymore, either. I'm at home with him everyday and he's free to nurse whenever he wants. I'm probably pushing him more than he wants.

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