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Thread: Night Weaning vs Thumbsucking

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    Default Night Weaning vs Thumbsucking

    Ok ladies let me preface this by saying I am expecting #2 and I am exhausted- normal first trimester stuff. I would love to night wean my little guy who is 2.5 years and still waking up between 2 (on a good night) and God only knows how many times (on a bad night) to nurse. So a typical night looks like this:
    8:30 - nurse in his own bed which is in our room. he hasn't been falling asleep nursing anymore but usually settles down soon after and falls asleep
    between Midnight and 2am- wake, come into bed with mom and dad and nurse back to sleep
    about 4 am- wake and nurse back to sleep.
    Now like I said that is a good night. A bad night may include up to 3 more wake, nurse, fall back asleep cycles. So here is the kicker- he will fall back asleep in our bed without nursing by sucking his thumb BUT it usually takes him about 45 minutes to fall back asleep that way during which time he is wiggling, kicking and generally keeping me awake anyway where as if I nurse him he is back out in less than 10. Plus I hate the thought of him sucking his thumb for a couple of hours every night. I am just not sure how to proceed. Do you think if I stick with it he will eventually fall back asleep just as fast on his own? I can get up and nurse him back to sleep in his own bed but then he is up every hour- and he won't fall back asleep in his own bed by himself. I have thought of having my DH help out but 1) he gets up at 4am and kind of needs his sleep and 2) his idea of helping is hollering at RC to go back to sleep So just looking for some other ideas ladies to help me get more sleep!!

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    Default Re: Night Weaning vs Thumbsucking

    Congratulations on the new little bean! I'm not sure how far along you are, but I found that, while I didn't really mind nursing at the beginning, the farther along I get, the more being touched is bothering me. It might not be the same for you, of course. But if my son were still night nursing, I would definitely definitely cut those sessions out at this point, just for some physical peace. I think it's really up to you, and you will know what your needs and limits are when they assert themselves. My first was a thumb sucker, and it seemed to me that she sucked her thumb more or less according to her needs at the moment. So, yours MAY end up sucking his thumb more during a transition time (like night weaning) and then cut back down again when he's more settled. But I think that if you want to night wean, your son already has a built-in replacement comfort measure, which is GREAT!

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    Default Re: Night Weaning vs Thumbsucking

    I think some of the mommas have had success with Dr. Jay Gordon's nightweaning plan.
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