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Thread: more feeding at night after introduction

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    ive got a 6 and a half months old girl.
    she has been exclusively breastfeeding since birth.
    i introduced her solid food when she was 5 months and a half because at that time she increased her night feedings from 1 or 2 to 4 or 5 feeds.
    now she eats well her lunch. i giver her puree and some water.
    because of that, she started quiclky to breastfed less during the day (one breast instead of 2) but continue to breastfeed a lot a night, often every 2 hours.
    its been a month like this without any change.
    i dont know what to do.
    I tried to give her water at night but she is not interested in the bottle or cup (i dont blame her, in the night she doesnt really now what it is, she prefers my breast of course !).
    I tried to give her later lunche. it doesnt work either, as because she is more tired in the evening, all what she wants is my breast.
    i triedto express more milk during the day and feed her in a bottle, but it means I have to stay at home often and when I tried that she through up a lot, like she had too much.
    she still drink a lot during the day, but i dont know why she drinks too much at night.
    i though it was a growth spurt but it lasts too long ! we moved house in the same time but i dont think it affected her that much.
    i dont think teething is a problem either.
    she only has one meal a day, i dont know if i should introduce another meal.

    someone has been in the same position ??
    thanks !!

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    My daughter has done almost the exact same thing. She's almost 9 months but I feel like it was about 6 months when she went from 1-2 nursings a night to 4-5. I feel like part of it is just he getting into a pattern where if she wakes a little during the night she needs/wants to nurse to fall back asleep - not that she's necessarily hungry every time. I've tried giving her a pacifier instead but she immediately rejects it and only wants to nurse. I'm also looking for solutions so if anyone has suggestions.... Right now just nursing her and falling back to sleep is easiest, but it would be nice to get a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep at night...

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    im not sure but i wonder if the solids just makes them wake up more at night b/c their little stomachs and intestines are processing food now whereas before they were not. mine starting waking alot more too once we started solids. also its possible they are not related (the night waking and the solids) b/c there are lots of things that can cause night waking.

    i didn't do anything to try to "fix" it, since I had no clue why she was doing it in the first place. she's gone in waves, some months would sleep a lot better (6+hour stretches) and then some months pretty bad (up every 1 hr or 2). Right now she's cutting her 1yr molars so she wakes 2-3 times a night for nursing, but last month just once a night. I think its temporary, I also think nursing can be both nutritive and a comfort, I just do whatever makes her fall back asleep fastest and that is nurse her. She also uses a pacifier, but she will spit it out to nurse and then take it back once we're done

    I would avoid the daytime bottles just besides the fact that its a hassle, I don't think that's going to help with this problem. if its not teething, there are also a lot of developmental milestones at this time that start waking them up (like rolling over all the time, or sitting up, or pulling up, etc). Although yes uninterrupted sleep would be great, when I signed up for being a mommy I pretty much realized I would never sleep again BUT my body has gotten so use to the way it is, I am pretty high functioning even with interrupted sleep every night, as long as my total sleep is at least 8 hours. You might try going to bed earlier to catch up on some sleep, or taking nap with LO, or trying to sleep in on a weekend day if someone can watch LO for you
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