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    Ahhhhhhhh...........sorry ladies, but it's so good to hear I'm not alone. No advice though, because I'm still struggling myself. Just some empathetic s

    DS is a few days shy of 11 months and does not sleep at all through the night - and it is SO inconsistent!! He slept from 7-7 at 4 months old, with one wake-up at 3am. But then we moved cross country, he got teeth, he started crawling, then more teeth, then more milestones...LOL. It doesn't stop!!!

    I'm 7.5 weeks pregnant and freaking exhausted from these sleepless nights. I'm so unproductive during the day because I'm so darn tired all the time.

    I just don't get why some nights he wakes up at 2 and 5...and other nights its 11, 1, 2, 3:30, 5:30, 6:30...sometimes he wants to nurse, sometimes he doesn't...I do everything the same - same bedtime routine...

    I like the idea that my son is gifted because he is a frequent waker though

    Good luck ladies.
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    They say that developmental things will change your little one's sleep-wake pattern - anything developmental including physical milestones like getting teeth or walking to mental milestones like preparing to say a first word. Needless to say your little one is meeting all kinds of developmental milestones in his first year of life, so his sleep patterns can change immensely. The biggest thing to remember is "This too shall pass."
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