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Thread: Chewing, chewing, chewing

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    Me again! The twins are 5 weeks, still having issues. Dominic's latch is getting better, and I can nurse him with a nipple shield without any pain. August on the other hand, really seems like he can't latch properly, and I don't know if it's correctable.

    He had a slight tongue tie which we got clipped, and didn't seem to help much. He doesn't open his mouth enough (I've literally tried for 15 minutes, he just won't do it). So he doesn't get much of the nipple, and then he just CHEWS. It's incredibly painful, even with the shield. My nipple is flat when he's done. I've tried massaging his jaw, putting downward pressure on his chin... It almost seems like he chomps down even harder. My nipples feel like ground beef.

    I'm really starting to feel like he's a lost cause. Is there anything else I can do? I haven't had a chance to go to a LLL meeting yet, the last one fell on the same day as an OB checkup for me.

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    Have you seen an IBCLC about the latch?

    If you did laid back nursing, did it help with latch?
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    Sometimes the solution to a latch issue is simply time. Tiny baby = tiny mouth. Even at the best of times his latch is going to be marginal. But babies grow and their mouths grow, and eventually they can open wider and latch on deeper with less effort and less assistance. So no matter what, this is not a lost cause! Trust me, I know. I had bad cracks, and just when I was convinced that they would never heal and that I would be nursing on cracks for a full year (there was no way I was going to go longer than that, ), my daughter grew enough that she stopped traumatizing me. So hang in there! If you're not cracked at this point, I think the chances are very good that you will turn the corner sooner rather than later.

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