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Thread: Baby safe protect they soul heart.

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    Default Baby safe protect they soul heart.

    He is been here about 3 months, everything is okay, but my weigh figure is higher than before.
    In my childhood, i fall down several times from my bed. My guandpa say i'm not clever.
    Not sure the futrure who take care more about him. Someone suggestion i need a need a BABIER, kids will more clever than me, now.

    Do you have the same felling?

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    Default Re: Baby safe protect they soul heart.

    does your baby sleep in the same room as you or in another room? If your baby is in another room a baby monitor can't hurt. Does your baby sleep in a crib? If so, at three months it's very unlikely that he will fall out, but as he gets older and learns to climb he may try to get out

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    Default Re: Baby safe protect they soul heart.

    I agree that some sort of monitor is a good idea, especially if/when he is asleep and out of your sight.
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    Default Re: Baby safe protect they soul heart.

    If you feel comfortable with a monitor then go for it. Some women use them and some don't, however it's not going to prevent rolling out of bed. Do you cosleep with baby or is baby in a crib?
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    Default Re: Baby safe protect they soul heart.

    Thanks my friends.
    I only hope my baby in a free zoom without crib. I sleep with baby at the daytime rest, but i need to work other thing in our house. At night, i'm not worry him.
    Or do you have better ways how to control this situation help me care baby more safe?

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