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Thread: Concerned Papa

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*daddydearest View Post
    I just wanted to update y'all, as your replies were so helpful and caring.

    We actually saw the IBCLC today, which was great. My wife nursed while there for a few hours and she confirmed, through weighing, that he's getting milk, albeit slowly. She recommended some position changes, gave some strength and advice, and also recommended fenugreek and oatmeal. She also gave us some supplemental nursing tubes and told us to avoid artificial nipples.

    She basically said everything y'all did ("nurse, nurse, nurse some more") and that things usually start improving around the six week mark, and as long as he's pooping and peeing, not to worry about it.

    So that's where we are! I look forward to providing more updates.
    Excellent! Now, your job is to make sure your wife has food and water handy, do the dishes and laundry, and hold baby so she can take a shower so she can nurse, nurse and nurse some more. This will pass before you know it!
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    Great update! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us
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    Ok, so I'm a little late to post, but I'm so glad to see a dad here and so glad that your latcatation consultant calmed some of your concerns!

    One suggestion I wanted to second (or third or what ever), get your wife a sling or some kind of carrier for your LO! At that age, I pretty much carried my youngest all the time. we used a sling and she'd snuggle down in it nursing while I walked around. Kept me from feeling tied to a chair and she could nurse to her hearts content (which was pretty much all the time!).

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    I have no advice….just joined today looking for answers to my own BF’ing issues, but just want to say how NICE it is that you’re so supportive of your wife’s breast feeding. My husband is very supportive as well, and speaking from experience, there have been MANY times I’ve wanted to give up all together, but having the love, approval and support of my Husband has kept me going. Keep up the good work, Buddy!!! Your wife appreciates you more than you’ll ever know , and your love and support are more important than you’ll ever know
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    Awww big hugs to you and your LO and wife!!
    As everyone else has said what is happening is normal. It seems that dads stand by feeling helpless as their wife deals with no sleep, poor eating, rarely a shower. But you coming here is helping her more than you know.

    We went through the constant crying and screaming. our LO would cry and scream until he was so exhausted he just passed out into sleep becuase he wore himself out. But after reading on here it was due to a milk imblanace. The marathon nursing sessions are normal. it takes time to get past this stage. I could never put our LO down he would just cry and cry...............then I would cry beucase i was tired, hungry and exhausted.

    Your Ped. is blowing smoke........ he does not know anything abt BF. I would definatly call the hospital and see if you can get an appt with a lactation consultatnt. they are so much help!!!

    And we now have our LO sleeping in our bed.............he feeds when he wants too, he sleeps so much better becase he can snuggle close to me which helps him relax. It is not ideal for me becuase my back and knee are getting punished a.k.a I HURT all over but i d get sleep

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    "Starvation stools"? WHAT?

    If you are genuinely concerned that your baby is getting enough milk, I would recommend contacting an IBCLC and getting some hands on help with breastfeeding. Sorry, your pediatrician does not sound knowledgeable, and frankly, I am shocked that he would drop language like that in front of stressed new parents. That's not cool. If you need help, you need help. Okay. But you don't have to tell parents their child (who is gaining weight!!) is starving. Also, green stools are a sign of oversupply, so it just sounds like crazy talk! Less than average pee ... that would be something to worry about.

    ETA: Oops, I just saw your update. I was just so upset by your doctor's comment! I'm glad things are going better.

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