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Thread: Oatmeal cookies??? Really??

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    Default Oatmeal cookies??? Really??

    I don't like oatmeal. However, I love oatmeal cookies. Can I eat oatmeal cookies to boost my milk supply?

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    Default Re: Oatmeal cookies??? Really??

    yes, it's the oats not the fact that it's hot oatmeal (although some people think the hot oatmeal helps because it's calming). Brown rice, green leafy vegetables also help.
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    Default Re: Oatmeal cookies??? Really??

    I know I have been eating cookies like crazy...my kids are happy too
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    Default Re: Oatmeal cookies??? Really??

    Add some brewers yeast and flaxseed for a little more supply umph And chocolate chips don't hurt

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    Default Re: Oatmeal cookies??? Really??

    You can buy some Milkmakers cookies, or make them yourself. Some coconut helps with letdown and increases richness.
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    Default Re: Oatmeal cookies??? Really??

    You all are making me drool! I love oatmeal cookies and coconut.

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    Default Re: Oatmeal cookies??? Really??

    Oh, this thread is awesome. I LOVE oatmeal cookies. The next time I make a batch I can justify it as a medical need, haha!
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