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Thread: EBM for my (eek!) toddler

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    Default EBM for my (eek!) toddler

    We celebrated Lizzie's birthday last week and I'm very excited to be nursing a toddler (though she's not actually toddling yet.) I'll be back into my part-time music gigging next week and (after a summer of zero pumping) I'm not really sure how to leave milk for her. She is fine taking EBM from a sippy cup and I'm not planning on introducing cow's milk for quite a while. I don't mind pumping while I'm on the road, and I will be gone for 4-8 hours at a time only a couple times a week. The plan is to just leave whatever milk I'm able to pump for her and count on solids and water to fill in any gaps. What I'm not sure about is how I should have her caregiver (usually DH, but also MIL or an aunt) offer her milk. At her age, should she be allowed to just have her sippy of milk that she has free access to? Or should it be offered with a meal, or should DH sit and cuddle her while she drinks it like when she was a newborn?

    I suppose I'm also a little concerned about her having enough. Most days she still doesn't eat much solid food. Each meal is really just a few bites for her (except last night, where she went carnivorous and gnawed a chicken leg all the way down to the bone ). Should I make the effort to get her 1-1.5 oz for each hour I'm gone like I used to, or should I just relax and pump whatever I can without worrying too much about the amount?

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    Default Re: EBM for my (eek!) toddler

    I would (and have personally) just relaxed on worrying about the milk amounts after 1 year once DD was eating solids consistently. We moved to cows milk after I pump weaned at 12.5 months and then ran out of freezer stash at 13ish months. However, especially during the summer when its hot, I always make sure that if she didn't have 1-1.5 oz per hour of EBM (or in our case 1.5-2 oz per hour of cow's milk), that she had access to water so she wouldn't get dehydrated.

    We provide (and instruct our daycare provider to provide) milk or water in a cup at each meal or snack time and also on demand whenever she requests. Sometimes we also offer before naptime, but not always.
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    Default Re: EBM for my (eek!) toddler

    RELAX! And congrats on making it to 1!!!!!!!!!!

    I still pump at work for my son. (He's 2 now! But I have loooong stretches of being away from him)
    I just give him whatever I pump and don't stress about it.
    Hubs and grandma give it to him in a sippy or regular cup or bottle. Just whatever. If its nap time, they cuddle with him. If it's playtime and he just wants some milk, they just hand it to him and let him do his thing.

    The hard part is over. Just relax and enjoy the toddler nursing ride!! I personally think it's the best : )

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