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Thread: 1 yr old will not drink during day.

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    Default 1 yr old will not drink during day.

    I'm looking for advise from anyone who has had a similar experience. My 1 yr old is refusing to drink any fluids during the day while I am at work. His sitter can only get sips in ( we have tried all bottles and cups, as well as different drink choices). When I get home, he will nurse 7-8 times. I'm ready to wean and just don't know how to since he will not drink during the day. I don't want him to dehydrate.....help!

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    Default Re: 1 yr old will not drink during day.

    Hm, my first thought is whether there's a way to get more fluids in via food -- like cut up grapes, oranges, watermelon, cereal with milk, etc.

    Has he ever taken a bottle or cup when you're home?

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