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Thread: Pumping post-surgery??

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    Hi ladies! I had surgery in one breast a couple of years back to remove a couple of ducts that had intraductal papillomas in them. I have scar tissue along the areola and under the areola. I've had problems with breastfeeding and pumping from that breast. The other side produces 3-4 oz per session (sometimes up to 5 oz) while the breast where I had surgery produces 1 oz max! I pump at the max setting and I think that it's still having trouble accessing the milk ducts. I use the 30 mm breast shields. Do you think I should go up to the 36 mm shields because of the scar tissue? What have you guys done?


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    do your nipples rub against the inside of the horn? if yes or its debatable i would get the next size and test it out. i am so happy i went up a size. i also hand express at the end of each pumping session and i feel that really helps. do you use compressions?

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    I had two lumpectomies, also with scar tissue along and under the areola where the surgeon went it, and I finally had to recognize that that side will never make what the other side makes. The lateral half will fill with milk when I have a new baby, but since it can't come out, it shuts down production. A good pumping session is when I get 3 oz -- and that only happens in the AM but the other side is a high volume producer.
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