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Thread: Fenugreek + Milk Thistle???

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    Default Fenugreek + Milk Thistle???

    I am taking a supplement of Fenugreek+Milk which contains the below:

    Fenugreek seed powder 800mg
    Blessed Thistle herb powder 300mg
    Milk Thistle seed extract 100mg
    Fennel seed powder 100mg

    The bottle says to take 2 capsules 1x a day with food. Is this enough?? I feel like everything I read says to take the 2 capsules 3x a day but this pill contains more herbs so im not sure which to folllow???

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    Default Re: Fenugreek + Milk Thistle???

    Is your milk low? I take just Fenugreek alone and it helps me a lot. And I drink a TON of water. I usually take two at night before bed. I do this for 2 weeks and stop taking my Fenugreek and BOOM milk comes. But I keep drinking a ton of water. When my milk drops again (which is usually once ever 2 months) I do this again. I have been pumping (not breast feeding) everyday for 9-1/2 months. Also if your milk is low, try feeding/pumping more often.
    Good Luck!!

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