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Thread: re-sleep training?

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    Default re-sleep training?

    i know... that many of you are not fans of sleep training your infant.. but to those of you who have... any of you encountered the issue where you had to RE-train?
    if so, how did it go and how did you do it?

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    Default Re: re-sleep training?

    we sleep trained my older son and did have to re-train him after illness a few times and once after vacation. we really did it the same way as we trained him in the beginning. go to him when he wakes in the night, make sure he is not wet, sick... kiss him, hug him (all while he is in his crib without picking him up) say goodnight and walk out. it really only took him a night or two max to get him sleeping through the night again... hope that helps

    btw, my first son was not breast fed so either of us would go in to soothe him. when we feel it is time to sleep train my second son my husband will be the only one to go in to soothe him since he associates me with food.
    mom to ds daniel 12/16/09 and ben 2/27/11

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