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Thread: Is my Freestyle better than Symphony?

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    Default Is my Freestyle better than Symphony?

    I am going to try to explain my situation in detail so people understand it fully so I apologize if it gets too wordy.

    I returned to work 3 weeks ago after taking my 12 weeks off with my baby girl. I pumped everyday for a month before going back to work to build up a freezer stash. My supply is fine and my baby only gets a bottle while I am working. My work provides us with a Symphony pump which I use. I have found that even pumping every 3 hours with the Symphony pump during my 12 hour shift, I still don't pump enough to meet her demands while away. I pump about 12 oz and she takes between 13-14oz while apart. So, I still pump on my off days once in the AM to make up the difference. I have Freestyle pump that I use and pump about 2-3 oz from usually just one breast.

    So here is my question: Are my breast actually responding better to the Freestyle than the Symphony? On my off days I have a surplus of 2-3 oz. On my working days, I fall short by 1-2 oz of her needs plus I don't get my usual surplus. That is a 3-5 oz swing. I'm just curious if maybe I should try using my Freestyle one day at work instead of the Symphony to see my milk output increases. Are my breast just use to the pumping action of the Freestyle so they let down better? Is that possible?

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    Default Re: Is my Freestyle better than Symphony

    It's possible, since it's a work provided hospital pump, that it needs a tune up. They are usually tuned up every year.

    It's more likely, though, that she takes MORE milk while you are working than she does on your days off because it's much much less satisfying to suck on a bottle and much easier to get milk out of a bottle than it is a breast, so she drinks more milk while you are at work, creating this deficit, instead of it being a pump issue.

    You could always use your Freestyle and see how it goes for you. It's small enough to tuck into your purse and haul with you, just a lot louder.

    But some moms do say they respond better to a professional grade pump. It's a very small minority though.
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