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Thread: Vegetables first?

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    Default Vegetables first?

    My LO will be 6 months in about 10 days ! I'm planning on starting BLS at about 6 months. I've been reading quite a bit about it and am trying not to get too nervous. But, one thing that can't decide is whether to do veggies before moving on to "sweets" like fruits.

    What did you all do? Seems to me that sweet potatoes (what I was planning on giving her first since they are my fav (healthy) food) are just as sweet as some fruits.

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    Default Re: Vegetables first?

    IME, it doesn't matter. Honestly. A kid will eat what he likes and won't eat what he doesn't like. I know what the "experts" say, but I also know the experts are often wrong and they are not experts on my children

    I actually started my last three with Cheerios. Easy to pick up, turns to mush in their mouths.
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    Default Re: Vegetables first?

    Sweet potatoes are a great first food--full of nutrients. You can feed it as a puree or give it to them in chunks to self feed.

    We are big on Cheerios too. Pretty much DS2 eats Cheerios and whatever from our dinner it is reasonable for him to eat.
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    Default Re: Vegetables first?

    The whole veggies first thing is a crock, IMHO. The whole idea is not to get your baby hooked on sweet foods, but hello, have the so-called experts ever tasted breastmilk? It's sweet like ice cream!

    FWIW, I say feel free to start with sweet potatoes.

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    Default Re: Vegetables first?

    I forget what we started with exactly, but I know that sweet potato, bananas, avocado, and pears were among the first things we offered. We also did baby led solids and those things are easy for baby to eat. You can also grind up brown rice into a fine powder or crush up some cheerios, and roll the slippery things (like banana) in them so they can pick them up.
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    Default Re: Vegetables first?

    I started DD with banana and sweet potato, but these days she's really into savory flavors and will barely even look at fruit. At her birthday party, she set down her carrot cake after a single bite and went back to munching her carrot stick. I don't think I messed her up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    The whole veggies first thing is a crock, IMHO. The whole idea is not to get your baby hooked on sweet foods, but hello, have the so-called experts ever tasted breastmilk? It's sweet like ice cream!

    FWIW, I say feel free to start with sweet potatoes.
    I agree. Just because something is sweet (fruit) doesn't mean it's not healthy.
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    Default Re: Vegetables first?

    I alternated with a veggie then a fruit, then a veggie etc. Ds1 eats anything. He always has. Ds2 will not eat fruit and loves just about any veggie.
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    Default Re: Vegetables first?

    We started with sweet potatoes cooked on the grill and just mashed up. DS loved shoving them in his mouth and we also spoon feed him sometimes, he grabs the spoon and shoves it in his mouth, too. We went with Avocado next, which he LOVES and then bananas which he was kind of meh about and then butternut squash which he loves. I think pretty much any safe thing is fine, the order probably doesn't matter all that much. We have tried to space new foods out one week so we can see if he has any adverse reactions.

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    Default Re: Vegetables first?

    I agree that they will just like what they like. We have offered both kids basically the same variety of foods, and although DS1 will eat pretty much any fruit or veggie that isn't leafy and green, DS2 is extremely picky with fruits and veggies. I think we started DS1 off with mostly fruits, but he eats plenty of veggies and beans.

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