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Thread: Need confidance booster:(

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    Default Need confidance booster:(

    My DD seems to be doing well despite our rough start. She's now at 8 4 after being born at 7 3 on 8/11. As I've mentioned in previous posts, she looks like she might just be lean like me. She's grown 2 inches since birth, from 20 1/2 to 22 1/2 so that makes me happy.

    I sometimes look at her and feel she should be bigger. Doc says she is fine but why can't I just move on with her being a lean baby. Any of you ever experience this?

    I feed on demand and co-sleep. She's alert, smiles alot and doesn't get fussy at the breast b/c of lack of milk.

    On a side not, I'm so tired
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    Default Re: Need confidance booster:(

    Mama, it's hard when our kids don't conform to our expectations. It starts the day they are born and never stops!

    There's nothing wrong with having a lean baby. I have a friend who eats like a horse and is still skinny as a rail, and her kids are skinny, too. Okay, so her oldest will never max out the weight for age charts- but she will grow up to be a skinny blonde like her mom. Not the worst fate in the world!

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    Default Re: Need confidance booster:(

    She is still young. My 4th child looked like a rail for a couple of months or more, and then suddenly, he put on some serious weight
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    Default Re: Need confidance booster:(

    Our DD is on the lean side too... 25% for weight for her first year of life. She ate lots, even with some latch issues, and was always very alert and interested. Even now at 18mo and eating like a horse she's still slim. I'm curious whether baby#2 will be built similarly or if they'll be really different in that area.

    The thing that we've struggled with is her head size. DD was off the charts for head size by 3mo. Due to that, and that she had blue sclera (the whites of her eyes were tinted blue) we ended up seeing a pediatrician to try to rule out a rare bone disorder which it turns out she doesn't have. Thankfully she's back on the charts again, but we had some big worries for a while there. Even after the x-rays and ultrasound that was the first big "test" for the disorder came back clear, i routinely would check if her sclera are white or still blue. Even once every couple months i find myself trying to see if they still look okay.

    Oh, and both DH and I have big heads She comes by it naturally, though i'm not looking forward to trying to find big enough sports helmets
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    Default Re: Need confidance booster:(

    My DD was quite lean too. Although she continued to grow at each visit she never got that chubby breastfed baby look. When she started moving around 4-6 months she dropped even lower on the charts and really freaked me out! Today she is a happy averaged sized toddler. As long as your LO is growing, try not to worry. It sounds like she's doing great!
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    My 10 week old has been in the 50th percentile in weight at her two appointments and 97th then 95th percentile for height - so needless to say she's a slim little thing! I'm not at all concerned about it since my mom says I was a very slim baby. My LO's doc seemed to be concerned about it at first and told me to offer her formula after feeding her to make sure she was getting enough to eat (which made me question my milk supply), but I refused to do that. She's doing just fine and is alert and active and I'm not at all worried since her growth is consistent, so you shouldn't be either!

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