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Thread: I hate this. I truly hate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aprilsmagic View Post
    FWIW, I had breast surgery twice on one breast, and that side doesn't make as much, and it's really prone to blockages and mastitis as well So I think your theory is probably right on. You can make it through this.

    FWIW #2, when I had my third baby, I felt a lot of pain still 10 days out. Baby had no sign of thrush. I had no other sign of thrush. I MADE my MW give me a prescription for APNO, and I MADE the ped treat baby too (Diflucan), and within just a few days, things were pain-free.
    Oh that's good to know that its not just me here.

    In hindsight, the reduction was completely useless, given how much my boobs have grown back. Grr. Oh well.

    I have been seeing some help with a combination of hydrocortisone and Lotrimin, but I wish I didn't have to use it because I worry about kiddo taking too much, you know? I mean, I apply after a feed and don't leave big globs on there of course, but it still feels like a crutch.

    I guess another part of the frustration is just... not knowing what to expect. Not knowing what is normal and what is not. At my early midwife checkups I was like, nursing seems to really hurt, and kind of got a bit of a brush-off. I am sure it was well-intentioned, in hindsight. I guess I am mostly just venting now.

    Thanks again, everybody, for listening. Gotta go put bubs down now. Wish me luck!

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    Default Re: I hate this. I truly hate it.

    I'm so sorry I didn't have time to read all the responses....but at a first glance - it sounds EXACTLY like me. DS is now almost 11 months old....but we struggled in severe pain for 12 weeks. Treatments for thrush didn't work. I had mastitis 5 times. My nipples wouldn't heal no matter what. DS spit up blood from my nipples. The white nipples. EVERYTHING. We tried APNO several times, we tried Diflucan, Gentian Violet....but with no change at all.

    What it turned out to be for me was Raynaud's in my nipples. My IBCLC when I went in again at 11 weeks - she assessed his latch, everything...and from the very back of one of her lactation books, she found something about Raynaud's. She called my midwife and got me started on meds right away. At this point, couldn' hurt, right? Turns out - the SECOND day of meds, my nipples stopped turning white. The 3-4 day they started healing...and on the 5th day, when I latched my son - it was COMPLETELY PAIN FREE. I bawled out of happiness that we had finally found out what was wrong...and frustration that I had been missing out on such a wonderful experience the last 12 weeks.

    I did pump the first few days on the meds to try to give my nips a break...

    But - honestly it sounds exactly like what you're describing. The lack of circulation to the nipples caused by Raynaud's will cause the nipples to not heal (no blood flow), by not healing nipples it will allow for easy access for mastitis to begin...the pain during latch on - Raynaud's. The white nipples - Raynaud's.

    it might not be it for you....but it would be worth a shot. The treatment I used was a 2-week course of Nifedipine. After 2 weeks I went off of a for a month. For most women, one 2-week course is enough. After about a month though, my symptoms started coming back so I did one more 2-week course. That was it - never needed another treatment again and nursing has been so wonderful ever since.

    Good luck to you - and serious HUGS for hanging in there. My IBCLC told me she had never seen someone so persistant as me to figure out what was wrong. She said most women give up way sooner than 10 weeks. So HUGE props for you too!!! Just remember - there HAS to be something wrong. Nursing is NOT supposed to be painful. Good luck <3
    Proud mama to Matthew Rory, born naturally 10/29/10, and mama to Callie Elisabeth, born naturally 5/15/12.

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