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Thread: Help! my 8mo old doesn't want to drink!

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    Default Help! my 8mo old doesn't want to drink!

    Hi, i am a first time mom and really worried about my 8 month old baby who refuses to drink since she turned 8 mo. It has been really hard to put her on breast. She seems too excited about doing something else. Right now, with so many efforts, she can only drink for about 4 minutes every feeding and there are about 5 session every day. Is that pretty normal? I don't have any idea about how often and how long i need to nurse her. I am pretty much concerned that she might not get enough fluid.

    And can you guys share your schedule for your baby in this age? I will appreciate it.


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    Default Re: Help! my 8mo old doesn't want to dri

    My 4 month old only drinks for about 4 or 5 minutes max unless it's in the middle of the night. They get really accomplished at drinking.

    Is your 8 month old eating any solids?

    Is your baby sleeping through the night or still waking?

    When my daughter was that old, her schedule was something like:
    Wake at 6:30, eat
    Nap at 9
    Wake around 11
    Eat around 11:30
    Nap at 1
    Wake around 3
    Eat/Snack around 3:30
    Nap or not around 4:30
    Wake around 5
    Eat around 5:30
    Bath and bedtime routine starting at 6
    Quick nurse again and bed around 7
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    Default Re: Help! my 8mo old doesn't want to dri

    My 8 month old only nurses while laying down, otherwise she is too distracted.

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